$100 TO $249

Mark and Bridget Gaffney Anderson ‘04
Francis and Susan Angelo
Raymond and Kathleen Flatley Bandos ‘73
James and Monica Berrodin
John Bertoni
Joseph C. Blackburn, Jr.
Vincent and Gina Policarpo Bonaccorso ‘94
Portia Bonavitacola ’83
Joseph and Maribeth Wechsler Boyle ‘98
Sister Rosellen Bracken, RSM ‘60
Joseph and Catherine Bradley
Beatriz Braun
Michael and Eileen Mullahy Brazunas ‘78
Daniel and Catherine Devlin Brogan ‘93
William and Anita Drummond Bronstein ‘71
Alexis Browsh ‘99
Mandy Buhle ‘04
John and Linda Bullock
Robert and Joanne Calabrese, D.O. ‘87
The Callahan Family
Nolan Clare Campbell ‘14
Patricia Carbine ‘48
Charles and Kristina Stanton Cawley ‘90
Daniel and Beth Collins
Stephen and Bridget Timby Comly ‘99
Joseph and Lorraine Conigliaro
Ben and Kelly Conway
Margaret Corzel ‘10
Maureen Costello ‘00
Bertrand and Mary Depommier
Joseph and Deyanira DeShayes
Brian and Lisa Devers
Jeanne Devine ‘68
Thomas Devine
Anthony and Kimberly DiBenedetto
Matthew and Donna DiGravio ‘86
Kevin and Angela DiCocco Donnelly ‘04
Dennis and Ann Marie Donnelly
Mary Baxter Donnelly ‘49
Joseph and Linda Quinlan D’Orazio ‘96
David and Tracey Quinlan Dougherty ‘90
John and Joan Dupnock
Jacob and Nicole Perretta Elguicze ‘91
William and Sharon Ernst
Doug and Mary Louise Catania Esten ‘76
Joseph and Angelina Falcone
James Fiorile
Drs. John Fitzgerald and Georgia Crozier
Ann Elizabeth Fitzpatrick ‘06
Moira FitzPatrick ‘86
Sean and Gina Flatley
Robert F. Flynn
Sheila and Brian Forbes
Mary Frantz ‘60
Steven and Kara Morley Frech ‘89
Jennifer Powell Fuhrmeister ‘05
Shawn and Amy Wisniewski Furlong ‘06
Dorothy Galanaugh ‘04
Michael and Martha Heil Galbraith ‘86
Colleen Mooney Gallagher ‘83
Kathleen Gallagher ‘12
Zach and Dorothy Wechsler Garippa ‘08
Michael and Josephine Fortunato Giacchino ‘55
Janine Gibbons ‘97
Helen McEwen Gleason ‘53
Michael and Kristen Baldini Gorman ‘91
Ronald and Marianne Grace
Marjorie Heany ‘11
Joe and Chantal Hendrzak
T. Roderick and Kerry Henkels
Charles and Gayle Hughes
Edward and Marianne Hughes
Kelly Spellman Huyette ‘01
Patrick and Elizabeth Martelli Jeffries ‘05
Charles Johnson
Sarah Weston Johnston ‘98
James and Rachel Kaiser
Nicole Kelbon ‘09
Michael Parker and Tara Kelly ‘91
Peter and Chris Kiernan
Martin and Mary Jean King
John and Megan Knott
John and Kathryn Kulzer Kohler ‘61
Joseph and Kathleen Konieczny
E. W. and Linda Maychak Krager ‘72
Nicole LaBletta ‘94
Sean and Moira Lake ‘05
Anthony and Nancy Schina LaManna ‘59
Kathleen Lamb ‘01
Frances LaNoce ‘69
David and Kathleen Larkin
Scott and Megan Weil Latshaw ‘95
Chloe Keating Leigh ‘07
James and Theresa Mellon Little ‘67
Margaret Kung-Ting Liu ’50
Regis and Doreen Maddox-Canning ’77
Gregory and Teresa Mallon
Jioacchino and Theresa Mattera
Joseph Mattia and Margie Felsoci‑Mattia
John and Roxanne McChesney
Mary Kathryn McCreight ‘02
Patricia McCue ‘72
Eugenia McGill ‘74
Moira McGoldrick ‘00
David and Cecilia Sable McGuffey ‘65
Kevin and Devon McChesney McKenna ‘06
Paul and Ann McShane
John and Ann Marie Taylor McShea ‘77
John and Joan Meacham
Anthony and Katharine McDevitt Micciolo ‘78
Mary Mazzola Molinari ‘74
Kristin Mongello ‘99
Megan Mooney ‘09
David and Christine Fricker Moore
Edward and Ginny Moran
Michael Nelson
Maria Elena Nieves ‘07
Thomas and Christine Nowlan
Elizabeth O’Brien‑Fabeny ‘99
Sister Anne O’Connell ‘62
M. Monica O’Donoghue ‘08
Daniel and Kathy O’Laughlin
Joseph and Mary Ozzimo
Sister Bernadette Pape, RSM
Amanda Pellegrino ‘13
John and Christina Feo Penezic ‘80
Daniel and Elizabeth Headly Pilot ‘47
Sarah Poplawski ‘11
Sean and Kacy Moran Powers ‘02
Donald and Patricia Procopio
Sister Ann Provost ‘64
Aimee Quinn
Anne Mansfield Quinn ‘59
Timothy and Maureen Rafter
Ani Raj
Daniela Rampa ‘11
Christopher and Michele McDonnell Reichow ‘83
Mary Alice Reid
Charles and Maureen McEwen Reilly ‘79
William and Lizzette Richards
Thomas and Karen Drueding Rinaldi ‘69
Andrew and Patricia Rolfes
John Durkan and Kelly Rudnick ‘89
Brett and Paula Ryan ‘86
Mike and Meghan Githens Scannapieco ‘09
Joseph and Linda Schanne
Carolyn Sciblo ‘09
Kelly Gaval Sciblo ‘05
Thomas and Catherine Haenn Shannon ‘61
Matthew and Kellyann McClain Silk ‘02
James and Cecilia Capuzzi Simon ‘75
Leslie Spellman
Meredith Spinelli ‘05
Matthew and Mary Rita McShane Stefanski ‘05
Jean and Marie Sterling
Elizabeth McManus Streit ‘09
Steve and Gina Szathmary
Louis and Janis Testa
Margaret Tighe ‘07
Joseph and Karen Tordy
Raymond and Karen Toto
Richard Troy
Elizabeth Ueland
Drs. Frank Urbano and Margaret Franger
Catherine Timby Ventura ‘02
George and Virginia Weber Weber ‘61
Brian and Kristen Keating Weeks ‘02
Timothy and Catherine Woestman
James and Barbara Zambon
Anthony and Nancy Zarella






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