Merion Mercy Academy offers special thanks to our leadership donors who have generously supported our school as members of the McAuley Society with gifts of $1,000 or more, working to sustain the mission of Mother Catherine McAuley.


$500 ABOVE

Patrick and Hanna Begley
Mark and Debora Bevilacqua
Joseph C. Blackburn, Jr.
Lewis and Diane Mailey Brandolini ’68 Elsie Caldwell
Michael and Janice Kuryloski Carson ’61 Richard Coughlin and Amy Montemarano Racquel David ’87
John Barry Davis and Cathy Schappert
Jill DeLucia
Nicholas Falcone
Robert and Noreen Farkas
Steven and Maria Figueroa
Ruth Godinez ’00
John and Megan Grady
Mark Harbison and Michele Hartigan
Chris and Kathleen Devine Hendrickson ’72 Dr. Francis and Carolyn Hoerz
Robert and Isabel Porreca Johnson ’59 Joseph and Margaret Kwapinski
The Legacy Exists, Joe Frazier Scholarship Fund
Michael and Jennifer Loftus
Pat and Dawn Lord
Daniel and Elizabeth McCauley McCall ’04 Dr. Francis and Trish McCusker
Michael and Nancy McKee
Andrew and Elizabeth Murphy
Diane Dooner Murphy ‘78
James and Theresa Burns Mullen ’89
Jeffrey and Suzanne Mullen
Joseph and Mary Ellen Nardi
Kevin and Katherine O’Brien
Steven Parks and Kathleen Oldfield ’83
Brian and Kathleen Parker
James and Patricia Passarella
Richard and Grainne Pergolini
Kevin and Mary Jo Ratigan
Tim and Christine Wechsler Rayer ’95
Carol Restifo
Mark and Marie Pat Romano
Andrew and Catherine Williamson Sabia ’85
Charles and Janine Sack
John and Bridget Flatley Shea ’89
Kenneth Spaide and Mary Ann DiLiberto- Spaide
Laura Stubbs ’75
Austin and Jante Santos Turner ’95 Elizabeth Lopusniak Welshman ’82
David and Jeannine Modres Wyke ’89
Jane Dagit Young ’55


$250 ABOVE

Hortensia Alvarez Anillo ‘52
Marguerite Walsh Arbuckle ’61
Barbara McCormick Atkins ’63
Paul Brown
Sister Barbara Buckley, RSM ’72
Kathleen Carden ’08
Kristine and Joseph Donaher
Dominic Rossi and Joan Esmonde ’75
Steven and Maria Figueroa
John and Constance Gillespie
John and Maggie Grimes
Michael Guzzardi
Linda and Steven Haas
Samuel Brooks and Kaitlin Soper Hafensteiner ’09
David and Jeannine Hamilton
Sheila Harron ’61
Maureen Hill ’01
David and Karen Ix
Crystal Jackson ’75
Mark and Lizanne Johnson‑Madgett ’76
Edward and Regina Stango Kelbon ’78
Frank and Suzanne McCormick Kelleher ’74
Fred and Karen Keller
Ron and Sharon Kane Klammer ’60
Kelley Kuyat
Jeanne Lane ’62
Robert Levine and Myra Vargas
Alisa Alfonsi Lo Sasso ’90
James and Maria Lynch
Frances McElroy ’64
John and Catharine McGeever
William and Patricia McKeown
Matthew Millan and Liz Oettinger
James and Maria Pierangeli Murphy ’72
Gerald and Louise O’Brien
Drs. William and Anita Ott
Thomas and Lucy Paschos
John and Mary Ann Powers
Martin and Lisa Purcell
Paul and Kathleen Reilly
Bob and Shannon Morrison Schriver ’04
David and Kate Siedell
Joan Magee Sina ’49
William Tobia
Paul and Jamie Torna
Mary Mellon Trotter ’65
Ralph and Elizabeth von dem Hagen
Joseph and Jeanine Welch
Dr. David and Sheila Weston
Carl and Helen Wiedersum


$100 ABOVE

Mark and Bridget Gaffney Anderson ‘04
Francis and Susan Angelo
Raymond and Kathleen Flatley Bandos ‘73
James and Mrs. Berrodin
John Bertoni
Vincent and Gina Policarpo Bonaccorso ‘94
Portia Bonavitacola
Joseph and Maribeth Wechsler Boyle ‘98
Sister Rosellen Bracken, RSM ‘60
Joseph and Catherine Bradley
Beatriz Braun
Michael and Eileen Mullahy Brazunas ‘78
Daniel and Catherine Devlin Brogan ‘93
William and Anita Drummond Bronstein ‘71
Alexis Browsh ‘99
Mandy Buhle ‘04
John and Linda Bullock
Robert and Joanne Calabrese, D.O. ‘87
The Callahan Family
Nolan Clare Campbell ‘14
Patricia Carbine ‘48
Charles and Kristina Stanton Cawley ‘90
Daniel and Beth Collins
Stephen and Bridget Timby Comly ‘99
Joseph and Lorraine Conigliaro
Ben and Kelly Conway
Margaret Corzel ‘10
Maureen Costello ‘00 
Bertrand and Mary Depommier
Joseph and Deyanira DeShayes
Brian and Lisa Devers
Jeanne Devine ‘68
Thomas Devine
Anthony and Kimberly DiBenedetto
Matthew and Donna DiGravio ‘86
Kevin and Angela DiCocco Donnelly ‘04
Dennis and Ann Marie Donnelly
Mary Baxter Donnelly ‘49
Joseph and Linda Quinlan D’Orazio ‘96
David and Tracey Quinlan Dougherty ‘90
John and Joan Dupnock
Jacob and Nicole Perretta Elguicze ‘91
William and Sharon Ernst
Doug and Mary Louise Catania Esten ‘76
Joseph and Angelina Falcone
James Fiorile
Drs. John Fitzgerald and Georgia Crozier
Ann Elizabeth Fitzpatrick ‘06
Moira FitzPatrick ‘86
Sean and Gina Flatley
Robert F. Flynn 
Sheila and Brian Forbes
Mary Frantz ‘60
Steven and Kara Morley Frech ‘89
Jennifer Powell Fuhrmeister ‘05
Shawn and Amy Wisniewski Furlong ‘06
Dorothy Galanaugh ‘04
Michael and Martha Heil Galbraith ‘86
Colleen Mooney Gallagher ‘83
Kathleen Gallagher ‘12
Zach and Dorothy Wechsler Garippa ‘08
Michael and Josephine Fortunato Giacchino ‘55
Janine Gibbons ‘97
Helen McEwen Gleason ‘53
Michael and Kristen Baldini Gorman ‘91
Ronald and Marianne Grace 
Marjorie Heany ‘11
Christopher and Patricia Hegarty
Joe and Chantal Hendrzak
T. Roderick and Kerry Henkels
Joseph and Lisa Hoban
Charles and Gayle Hughes
Edward and Marianne Hughes
Kelly Spellman Huyette ‘01 
Patrick and Elizabeth Martelli Jeffries ‘05
Charles Johnson
Sarah Weston Johnston ‘98
James and Rachel Kaiser
Nicole Kelbon ‘09
Michael Parker and Tara Kelly ‘91
Peter and Chris Kiernan
Martin and Mary Jean King
John and Megan Knott
John and Kathryn Kulzer Kohler ‘61
Joseph and Kathleen Konieczny
E. W. and Linda Maychak Krager ‘72
Nicole LaBletta ‘94
Sean and Moira Lake ‘05
Anthony and Nancy Schina LaManna ‘59
Kathleen Lamb ‘01
Frances LaNoce ‘69
David and Kathleen Larkin
Scott and Megan Weil Latshaw ‘95
Mary Ann Dugan Leeper ‘58
Chloe Keating Leigh ‘07
James and Theresa Mellon Little ‘67
Gregory and Teresa Mallon
Jioacchino and Theresa Mattera
Joseph Mattia and Margie Felsoci‑Mattia
John and Roxanne McChesney
Mary Kathryn McCreight ‘02
Patricia McCue ‘72
Eugenia McGill ‘74
Moira McGoldrick ‘00
David and Cecilia Sable McGuffey ‘65
Kevin and Devon McChesney McKenna ‘06
Paul and Ann McShane
John and Ann Marie Taylor McShea ‘77
John and Joan Meacham
Anthony and Katharine McDevitt Micciolo ‘78
Mary Mazzola Molinari ‘74

Kristin Mongello ‘99
Megan Mooney ‘09
David and Christine Fricker Moore
Edward and Ginny Moran 
Michael Nelson 
Maria Elena Nieves ‘07
Thomas and Christine Nowlan
Elizabeth O’Brien‑Fabeny ‘99
Sister Anne O’Connell ‘62
M. Monica O’Donoghue ‘08
Daniel and Kathy O’Laughlin
Joseph and Mary Ozzimo
Sister Bernadette Pape, RSM
Amanda Pellegrino ‘13
John and Christina Feo Penezic ‘80
Daniel and Elizabeth Headly Pilot ‘47
Sarah Poplawski ‘11
Sean and Kacy Moran Powers ‘02
Donald and Patricia Procopio
Sister Ann Provost ‘64
Aimee Quinn
Anne Mansfield Quinn ‘59
Timothy and Maureen Rafter
Timothy and Marianne Rafter
Ani Raj
Daniela Rampa ‘11
Christopher and Michele McDonnell Reichow ‘83
Mary Alice Reid
Charles and Maureen McEwen Reilly ‘79
William and Lizzette Richards

Thomas and Karen Drueding Rinaldi ‘69

Andrew and Patricia Rolfes

John Durkan and Kelly Rudnick ‘89

Brett and Paula Ryan ‘86

Mike and Meghan Githens Scannapieco ‘09

Joseph and Linda Schanne

Carolyn Sciblo ‘09

Kelly Gaval Sciblo ‘05

Thomas and Catherine Haenn Shannon ‘61

Matthew and Kellyann McClain Silk ‘02

James and Cecilia Capuzzi Simon ‘75

Leslie Spellman

Meredith Spinelli ‘05

Matthew and Mary Rita McShane Stefanski ‘05

Jean and Marie Sterling

Elizabeth McManus Streit ‘09

Steve and Gina Szathmary

Louis and Janis Testa

Margaret Tighe ‘07

Joseph and Karen Tordy

Raymond and Karen Toto

Richard Troy

Elizabeth Ueland

Drs. Frank Urbano and. Margaret Franger

Catherine Timby Ventura ‘02

George and Virginia Weber Weber ‘61

Brian and Kristen Keating Weeks ‘02

Timothy and Catherine Woestman

Barbara and James Zambon

Anthony and Nancy Zarella


$1 to $99

Anthony and Sally Shoemaker Abbruzzi ‘60
Miriam Andruszko
Anthony and Maria Angelastro
Bill and Mary Kay Avington
Maura Avington ‘15
Drs. Ausim Azizi and Marie‑Christine de Lacoste‑Azizi
Brian and Elizabeth Murphy Barlow ‘77
Ashley Baxter ‘09
Tom and Angela David Beatty ‘89
Steve and Leslie Berkman ‘64
Lisa Bevilacqua ‘11
Diane Binck
John and Maureen Blake
Sister Frances Boyle, RSM ‘63
Kara Brown ‘08
Sister Megan Brown, RSM ‘67
Doug and Erin Grady Burlew ‘02
Sister Jean Burns, RSM ‘47
John and Kathleen Calabrese
Thomas and Beth Moran Canuso ‘08
Maria Carabello ‘88
Raymond and Alexis Ciccimaro Casper ‘00
Caitlin Cassidy ‘02
Barbara Clarke
Madison Connor ‘11
Andrew and Diane Convery
Thomas Coyne
Maura Elizabeth Cunningham ‘00
Timothy and Lynn Ann Ravert Curran ‘01
Susan Momenee Cush ‘93
Edward Dailey
Kathleen Davis ‘05
Carmine and Dorothea DiBello DiGiovanni ‘66
Caroline McShane Dilorio ‘08
Kathleen Dilworth
Lydia DiPietro ‘58
Josephine DiSciascio ‘65
Kevin and Daria Dougherty
Jocelyn DuPont
Dr. John T. Durkin
William and Molly O’Neill Easton ‘05
Peter and Susan Berry Eberhardt ‘62
Virgina Elliott
Kiely Fagan ‘05
Bernadette Fahy
Kelsey Farkas ‘17
Caitlin Farrell ‘13
Sister Mary Alice Feenane, RSM
Mary Fitzsimons
Sister Beth Flannery, RSM
Taylor Fleming ‘07
Sara Flounders ‘97
Trey and Amanda Friedlander Fowler ‘08
Joseph and Martha Limbach Francks ‘00
Emily Friedlander ‘07
Marlowe Galbraith ‘17
Christine Gallagher ‘04
Julia Gallagher ‘12
Margaret Lehman Garcia ‘58
Gabriel and Courtney Wootten Gliwa ‘98
Paul and Kelley Glynn
Dana Grossi ‘11
Christian and Louise Drinkhouse Grude ‘62
Jennifer Guzzardi ‘10
Barbara Haenn ‘62
Paul and Jennifer Halas
Christopher and Victoria Haney
Irene Horstmann Hannan ‘64
Kelly Harrington
Edward and Barbara Colantuono Harrison ‘82
Caitlin Harrison ‘14
David and Cecilia Camardo Hashim ‘05  
Melissa Wendling Henderson ‘99
Delia Spellman Heppler ‘04
Beatrice Hickey ‘68
John and Christine McNichol Hill ‘66
Christin Hinckle ‘87
Kathleen O’Sullivan Hinckle ‘62
Sid and Bridget Fazio Hodgson ‘00
Jeannette Hudson ‘58
Sister Miriam de Lourdes RSM ‘51
Bryan and Kyle Keating Hurtado ‘04
Phyllis Kane
Dr. Thomas and Elizabeth Kane
John and Barbara Hayden Kearns ‘57
Katrina Keating ‘12
Bridget Kelly ‘73
Sister Marian Francis Kelly, RSM
Nora Kelly ‘08
John and Eileen Daly Killeen ‘68
Bernadette Kleinman
Noreen Kromm
Janine LaBletta ‘98
Sister Carol Larkin, RSM
Mary Theresa Limbach ‘06
Michael and Eileen Donovan Litka ‘89
Jeremy and Samantha Ciccimaro Little ‘01
Daniel and Bernadette Mason Livewell ‘04
John and Mary Pat Lynch
Frederick and Adrienne Graves Lyne ‘86
Harry and Mary Malitas
John and Patricia McAleer
Sister Christine McCann, RSM
Bernadette McCullen‑Carrick ‘74
Daniel and Eileen McDevitt
Lindsay McDonnell ‘07
Mark and Donna McGann
Bernadette McGeever ‘16
Edith Bradley McGinn ‘61
Joan McIlvaine
Eileen Denney McLaughlin ‘50
Catherine McNichol
Sally Ryan McNichol ‘61
Bernadette McShane ‘12
R. Russell and Mary Ellen Cianfrani Miller ‘65
Sister Mary Christella Mitchell
Daniel and Anne Moran
Kevin Moran and Ellie Duffy
Maria Jose Morinigo ‘90
Rita DiSciascio Morley ‘62
Greg and Kate Woestman Morris ‘94
Alyssa Nardi Mullen ‘05
Eric and Christina Matticola Mundy ‘01
Charles Murphy and Elizabeth Corbin‑Murphy
Christopher and Karen Bruderle Murray ‘95
Michael and Ann Pelicata Muth ‘02
Elizabeth Nardi ‘07
David and Robin Naser
Timothy and Kristin Murray Nash ‘93
Loc and Quechi Nguyen
John and Mary Nolan
Sister Mary Anne Nolan, RSM
Sister Ann O’Connell, RSM ‘62
Bernadette O’Connell ‘56
Sister Mary O’Connell, RSM ‘55
Maureen O’Riordan
Christina O’Shea ‘13
Jacqueline Ostick ‘04
Anne O’Sullivan ‘64
Brittany Ott ‘17
Margaret Owston ‘71
John and Colleen Pagliaccetti
Hon. Paul and Nancy Panepinto
John and Roseann Pappas
Gianna Penezic ‘17
Seth and Katie Pidot
Mary Catherine Pierson ‘12
Jennifer Engle Poole ‘85
Christopher and Julie Lentz Powell ‘03
Meghan Power ‘05
Beth Prazenica ‘06
Daniel and Helen Williamson Pritchard ‘73
Sister Ann Provost, RSM ‘64
Harry Kane and Tina Maria Rago ‘85
Megan Reilly ‘08
James and Maureen Patton Reis ‘73
Michael and Ann DiPietro Rispo ‘84
Marie Robson ‘05
Alison Ryan ‘05
Jennifer Ryan ‘00
Patricia Sack
Sister Anna Saltzman, RSM
Christopher and Amy Andrews Sarne ‘85
Dolores Schiavo
Jessica Shields
Charles and Clare Hauserman Silecchia ‘65
Rita Smedile ‘05
James and F. Patricia Givens Spall ‘71
James and Marilyn Lamb Steidle ‘64
Christopher and Susan Cobaugh Steinmetz ‘93
Virginia Hauserman Sten ‘66
Sean and Theresa Testa Stewart ‘08
Marlene Tejeda
The Kula Foundation
Elaine Todd‑Brown
Sandra Urban
James and Andrea Phillips Valentino ‘71
Kaitlyn Votta ‘11
Allison Walker ‘89
Michael Wallace
Harry and Cynthia Porreca Wein ‘64
John and Susan Wendling
Charles and Mary White
Eric and Diane Cipriani Wikso ‘06
Nellie Willcox ‘12
Nancy Williamson ‘74
David and Holly Wisniewski
Theresa Marie Yerger
Keira Anne Zambon ‘10
Tobin Zazzarino


“I distinctly remember sitting on a pew outside the Admissions Office as I waited for my scholarship interview. I was a nervous eighth grader–not about the interview, but at the idea that perhaps my Merion experience would somehow not measure up to that of my three older sisters. After all, the school would look different (the first renovation was nearing completion), some of their favorite teachers had retired, and I wasn’t sure if I would participate in the same activities. I sat there and wondered if in light of all these things, I might somehow miss ‘the’ Merion experience. Fast forward fifteen years and I sat in an unrecognizable new space at my ten year Merion reunion. The building looked different. The faculty had changed. And it didn’t matter. It was no more and no less for any one of us–whether we graduated in 2007 or 1997. It was ours. And it will remain as such. Merion gave me the space to find out who I wanted to be in a world that is changing by the minute. I count myself the benefactor of an incredible gift. Scholarships ensure the legacy of that gift for the next generation of eighth grade girls anxiously looking forward to their own Merion experience. It may look completely different from my own, but our continued support will preserve its legacy and ensure that it is completely theirs.”

Mimi DiSipio ’07






511 Montgomery Avenue
Merion Station, PA 19066

P (610) 664-6655
F (610) 664-6322

For more information, contact:

Alexandra Litvinas
Assistant Dir. of Institutional Advancement

Kelley Kuyat
Chief Advancement Officer